Yadin Porter De Leon talks about Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn

Summary: Yadin Porter De Leon (@porterdeleon )talks with Marc Farley (@GoFarley) about Microsoft’s huge mobile software and social media bet with LinkedIn.

MF: This is the ridecast. My guest today is Yadin Porter De Leon. How’re  you doing? 
YPDL: Doing good, how’re you doing Marc?
MF: Doing great. A big day in technology with Microsoft announcing they’re going to acquire LinkedIn for 26 billion dollars.
YPDL: That is a big deal
MF: Yeah. Do you think anybody saw this coming?
YPDL: I think a few people saw it coming the stock price has been creeping up the last three months.
MF: So what’s the strategic importance of this deal?
YPDL: Well Microsoft doesn’t really have a mobile story and a few of its forays into mobile have flopped and so LinkedIn is a really good mobile story for Microsoft and I’m really interested to see how LinkedIn gets leveraged with its, I guess, about half a billion person user base within the mobile market.
MF: So Microsoft had previously tried and not done necessarily that well with Yammer and Skype. How’s this different?
YPDL: I think Microsoft really gets LinkedIn, whereas with Skype I think Skype was just something that they just couldn’t figure out how to fit into that ecosystem in the ways that they thought it was gonna fit in just didn’t workout
MF: Do you think Microsoft will try to buy Twitter?
YPDLL Oh my goodness, I don’t think anyone should buy Twitter. (laughter) I think Twitter should try and figure itself out before anybody buys Twitter.
MF: So what does this say about Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft?
YPDL: I think it just shows that he’s got a much broader vision across multiple platforms in a way that Microsoft just didn’t have before and I think it’s not just corporate but it’s actually very personal. So when he talked about the alignment between the companies, he talked really about alignment of purpose and not just structure so there’s a lot of passion and there’s a lot of himself that’s being imprinted on this particular deal.
MF: What would you tell the employees of LinkedIn today? 
YPDL: We’re not going to have to look up at these giants anymore. We don’t have look up at Amazon and Google – we’re going to be one of the giants now.
MF: If you were an employee of LinkedIn what would be your biggest concern be?
YPDL: It would be whether or not my email address wass going to change. If I was going to be Yadin@Microsoft.com –  because Yadin at LinkedIn.com sounds a little bit cooler.
 MF: Ah Yadin, this was great. Thanks for taking the time.

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