HPE Labs goes all in for The Machine – with John Obeto


HPE restructured it’s pure R&D organization and placed it in the products group – presumably to accelerate the release of major new technologies that can bring the company back to prominence in the industry. John Obeto joins me for a virtual RideCast to talk about what HPE has done and what the impact could be, not only on HPE, but the whole tech industry.

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  • Good timing Bocce Bro and King John! I just posted a blog about an hour ago with an interview I did with a Hewlett Packard Labs researcher talking about Neuromorphic Computing: https://community.hpe.com/t5/Around-the-Storage-Block/Neuromorphic-Computing-Labs-Research-Revealed-at-Discover/ba-p/6873511 Fascinating stuff but if you aren’t familiar with The Machine, I had done a post about that from Discover London that I referenced in this latest blog.

    I also like that Labs is moving under “Enterprise Group” that is managed by Antonio Neri. This is the group that has all of the infrastructure (servers, storage, hyper-converged, composable infrastructure and OneView). I think most of the research in labs that gets turned into product has been in EG though I don’t have data to back that up. Before the announcement that Martin Fink will retire later this year and Labs would move under Antonio, Labs reported to Meg. There will be a replacement for Martin and that person will report to Antonio. So while the change isn’t a huge one, I like the close tie-in to EG. And clearly, when elements of the Machine come to market, my guess is that it will be through EG products. In fact, HPE Synergy is already designed for photonics, a part of the Machine.

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