The last car in a booth at VMworld – the audacious Audi R8 – with Rob Commins


Rob Commins from Tegile took me for a spin down the Las Vegas strip to talk about the cloud platform array Tegile announced at VMworld2016.


MF: Hi this is a technology ridecast, I’m Marc Farley, in the passenger seat today, in an Audi R8 with my buddy Rob Commins.

RC: What’s going on everyone?

(engine revving sound)

MF: Oh yeah, oh yeah!

RC: Hey now!

MF: Hey Now! Yeah, so Rob is one of the hardest working guys in the business even though it might seem like you know ….

RC: Work hard,  play hard, this is what we do…

MF: Yeah, so we’re here at VMworld 2016

RC: Yeah, we have an AC/DC theme in the booth. We’re frickin’ playing  AC/DC, Quiet Riot, Guns N’ Roses in the  booth. Having a blast.

MF: Sweet. Allright, I was at the booth, traffic was fantastic.

RC: Ah man, people are just lined up around the entire booth, it’s fantastic

MF: That’s what I saw. I saw around the block SRO. Hey so do you have any news this week?

RC: Yeah we just announced IntelliFlash CP. CP: cloud platform

MF: Ok, so what’s that about?

RC: What the hell’s that, right?

MF: Yeah.

RC: Let me wait for this frickin’ guy, hold on. So what we did was we added scale-out and NVMe flash to the system. So…

MF: NVMe flash.

RC: It’s almost as fast as this car now.

MF:  (laughing)

RC: This bus in front of us is pissing me off though..

MF: Oh my god here we go…Oh , that’s whoa aaaa… I’m just hoping this video doesn’t get you arrested in retrospect.

RC: You know what I was thinking about it last night – getting a ticket is actually  almost worth it.

MF: Yeah almost. Okay so talk to me about the NVME flash that you’ve got.

RC: .2 millisecond latencies, the thing will do up to 6 million IOPs and we can also balance it out with our backend, high-density flash, and get all the way down to 50 cents a gigabyte.

MF: Oh yeah, so you’ve got tiers of flash. You’ve, now got the fast high-speed, NVMe flash and you’ve got the high-density, slower-speed flash.

RC: Here we go (engine revving)

MF: When’s the cloud platform solution coming to market?

RC: Early next year. First quarter of ’17,


RC: But you know, everyone’s gonna make a bunch of noise here at VMworld. That’s what we do.

MF: You have to make the noise here so when do you expect to….

RC: Like this – making noise?

MF: Rob you’re always the hardest working, hardest playing guy in the business.

RC: Work hard, play hard.

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