Richelle Ahlvers (@rahlvers) talks about the new Swordfish management standard from SDC 2016


The Storage Networking Industry Association was formed in the 1990s to create standards and marketing focus for the advancement of new technologies in the storage industry.  Today, one of the most impressive standards from SNIA was announced, Swordfish 1.0. Richelle Ahlvers (@rahlvers), the SNIA Technical Workgroup Chair for Swordfish goes  on a ridecast with Marc Farley (@GoFarley) to talk about how Swordfish enables a variety of storage actors – from developers to systems managers – to manipulate and control what would otherwise be very complex environments.  A novel approach was taken using Class of Service based controls, to achieve the goals of self-service storage and streamlined management of large, scalable (think hyperscale) storage resources. People interested in learning more about Swordfish should watch Richelle’s keynote presentation on Wednesday morning September 21st, 2016 or visit the SDC website at to view a recording or download the presentations from SDC 2016.


A transcript will be posted when it is completed.